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Why Brazil is 2019’s El Dorado for Foreign Investors

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If you want to expand your business or have investment funds to spare, then Brazil should be the first recipient on your list.

According to a survey from Bloomberg, the largest country in South America is top of the charts when it comes to an economic resurgence in 2019.

The economic forecast for Brazil is so optimistic that it is expected to surpass the evolution of better-developed economies anywhere in the world. More than 30 investors, traders, and strategists came to the same conclusion: Brazil is this year’s El Dorado and a fantastic opportunity for foreign investors everywhere.

Why the Timing is Perfect for Investing in Brazil

Opening a new company or expanding your current business in Brazil comes with a remarkable set of benefits that can quickly enhance your profits. Here are the leading opportunities for expanding your business in Brazil in 2019!

Fastest growing economy in the world

Brazil has been slowly waking up from the slumber of economic recession during the past few years. Right now, the country has its eyes wide open and, as the Bloomberg top analysts suggest, it has the highest potential out of all the economies in the world to grow and develop substantially starting with 2019.

High potential for emerging markets

At the moment, Brazil is exporting mostly raw materials. However, the country is quickly expanding the range of products to encompass emerging markets as well. From technology to trade and innovation, Brazil is opening the doors to the appearance of new companies in industries that are ripe for investment.

Promising forecast for political stability

Another reason for the economic rejuvenation in Brazil is the political stability that followed the 2018 presidential elections.The economic acceleration in Brazil covers all industries and it is expected to have governmental backing through tax deductions and exemptions for investors and business consortiums.

The Main Challenges for Investing in Brazil

Even if Brazil is steadily developing into the world’s El Dorado for foreign investors, the country still poses a few challenges and risks, such as:


Brazil has a slow and heavy bureaucratic apparatus. You will face all the challenges that it presents when you will have to obtain construction permits, pay taxes or register a new property. Without local help, you will face many difficulties that will slow down the transition process of your company in Brazil.


While the country’s economy is on the rise, the Brazilian infrastructure is still lagging behind. Depending on the industry that you activate in, you might encounter several hardships in completing business operations quickly and efficiently.

Local labor force

Unemployment in Brazil is decreasing, but it is still one of the main challenges for foreign investors. Professional workers in almost every domain are difficult to find. Without local help, you might struggle to employ the right people with the right skills for your business.

Internal support from Brazilian companies

Investing in Brazil puts you in an elite group of international investors that look to enhance their business portfolio. While the country is ripe for receiving external capital, you still need a reliable local partner like Wide Brazil to ease the accommodation process in the Brazilian economy and to ensure that your development plans are within the country’s legal framework.

Wide Brazil offers professional consulting for foreign investors who are looking to open a company in Brazil. Whether you want to start fresh or expand your business, we provide solutions for every stage of the transition process. We have the knowledge, resources, expertise, and traction needed to guarantee the success of your company in Brazil.

We have a network of specialists that can guarantee seamless financial, accounting and tax related operations while also delivering efficient and bespoke solutions for your business, such as:

  • Easy navigation through the Brazilian bureaucracy
  • Market analysis and business development
  • Financial advising
  • M&A mergers and acquisitions
  • Legal consulting
  • Understanding the local culture
  • Workforce recruitment services

Contact us today for more information about investing in the top-developing economy in the world!

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