We offer complete legal support at every stage of foreign investment in Brazil.
Whether you need to obtain the necessary visa or to get a tax relief we have a solution for you. We also provide accounting management resources and support to overcome any bureaucratic issues. Working with Wide Brazil is the easiest and quickest way to open a company in Brazil.
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Full Guide

1. Breaking on the Brazilian Market
Establishing a company in Brazil may be a complex and arduous journey. We simplify the transition process of your business and support you each step of the way.

2. Select a Brazilian Representative
A fundamental condition for opening a foreign business in Brazil is to legally appoint a local representative. This person must have their residence in the country and abide by the legal and tax responsibilities of the state. However, they will not detain shares within the company or have a decisional right in it.
We provide you with a broad database of relevant candidates that you can scout to identify the best local representative for your company. Our quick solutions prevent you from wasting precious time on individual research. Also, you have the safety guarantee of working with authorized applicants.

3.Choose an Expert Accountant
Every international company operating in Brazil must work with a certified accountant. This professional will take care of the tax and fiscal duties of your business for you.
Wide Brazil takes full responsibility for managing the supplier. We will provide you with comprehensive accounting services and ensure that the entirety of your operations run according to the Brazilian legislation.

4.Paperwork Compilation and Translation
The Brazilian law requires foreign companies to ensure a social contract and power of attorney for their local representatives. Additional paperwork including the name and tax identification number (NIF) is also subject to the opening of a new business in Brazil.
We prepare all the necessary documentation for the legal establishment of your company in Brazil. We ensure that all the documents benefit from optimal translation and are recognized by the Brazilian authorities.

5.Company Registration
A new business in Brazil must obtain the necessary documents to operate legally, such as the CNPJ and the State Register ID. Additionally, a social contract will define the company’s operations, tax regime, and performance. Lastly, the investors must define a specific address for the company’s headquarters.
Wide Brazil ensures that this complex part of the process goes as smoothly as possible. We guide you through all the required steps to obtain the necessary paperwork and register your company with minimal effort.

6.Bank Registration
Upon entering the Brazilian market, your business will also require a bank account in the country. This account will record the company’s economic transactions,

and it will feature a digital signature for easy and secure access.
We put at your disposal a wide array of resources to find the best bank that suits your company’s needs.Our goal is to make this process as quick and convenient for your business as possible.

7.Register with the Central Bank of Brazil
After creating a bank account for your company, you also need to register your company with the Central Bank of Brazil (BACEN). This mandatory step legalizes the investments that you will send from abroad.
We support your registration with the Brazilian banking authorities at every stage of the process. We provide you with easy and quick solutions to complete it as soon as possible.

Depending on the industry and activity of your business, your company might require additional licensing.
Wide Brazil facilitates this process through all-inclusive services that help you grow your international venture with minimal effort.

We provide access to a massive pool of reliable local representatives.
Having a local representative is imperative for every foreign company that wants to expand in Brazil. Wide Brazil guarantees you access to professional and trustworthy local representation.

Contact us TODAY to find out how you can establish a firm foot on the Brazilian market with the help of dependable local representatives.ços-640x480.jpg

We have an excellent understanding of the Brazilian market, and we know where the best business opportunities are.
We guarantee complete and competitive market mapping as part of our market analysis services in Brazil. Our entire expertise of the Brazilian economy is at your disposal. When working with us you will have access to:

  • In-depth data analysis
  • Comprehensive market reports
  • Bespoke business plans
  • Industry forecasts
  • Unique market insights into your sector of choice


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We have an extended network of professional suppliers in Brazil that you can use to get the best possible prices for your business.

At Wide Brazil, we have spent numerous years and substantial resources to create a unique, powerful network of local suppliers.

When you work with us, you have exclusive access to some of the best prices and high-quality services in your industry of choice.

Contact us TODAY to discover how easy you can reach with some of the best local suppliers in Brazil, and who will provide a strong commercial boost for your business!ços3-640x480.jpg

We create fully customized solutions for your import/export business in Brazil.
The Wide Brazil team can plan the entire process regardless of the market that you wish to enter. We provide legal support and easy transfer solutions for your import/export activities. When you work with us, you have a reliable intermediary between your company and your Brazilian partners or the local authorities.

Contact us TODAY to get a clear diagnostic of your company’s expansion in the import/export industry in Brazil.

We provide insightful business advice and creative support for long-term business planning.
Investing in Brazil requires a well-thought strategy that poses minimal risk to your investment, and which we will develop for you. Working with Wide Brazil means that you will receive advice from some of the best consultants on the Brazilian market.
You can use our comprehensive knowledge of the local economy to plan a successful development strategy for your business. You can also rely on our network of industry experts to ensure the sustainable evolution of your company in Brazil.

Contact us TODAY to get the best business advice for your expansion project in one of the world’s fastest-growing economies.

We specialize in providing the necessary human resources for your business.
The local market in Brazil faces many challenges when it comes to employment. Wide Brazil guarantees top professionals regardless of the industry that you choose to enter. We ease your transition process in Brazil by giving you access to a broad range of workers from various sectors.

Contact us TODAY to discover how easy it is to incorporate highly-skilled Brazilian employees in your expanding company.

We facilitate business mergers and acquisitions at affordable costs.
Wide Brazil benefits from the market knowledge of some of the best experts in acquisitions and business mergers in the country. Our team of professional accountants also ensures safe transfer of assets and complete due diligence before investing.

Contact us TODAY to find out more about potential merger opportunities or business acquisitions in numerous Brazilian sectors.

We provide complete and transparent financial and accounting services.
Brazil has a complex tax structure. We guarantee seamless financial, accounting and tax-related operations without any compromise for your business.

Contact us TODAY to get more information about how easy you can handle the financial side of your expanding company in Brazil.

Wide Brazil is a company that specializes in helping foreign businesses grow in conjunction with the Brazilian economy.

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Our experience in working with these business giants.

Wide Brazil is a company that specializes in helping foreign businesses grow in conjunction with the Brazilian economy.

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Our experience in working with these business giants.

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