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It’s crucial for any foreign company looking to grow in Brazil to have a local representative. At Wide Brazil, we simplify this crucial step for you. We ensure that you have access to professional and reliable local representation. Rest easy knowing that our representatives are not decision-makers in your company but fulfill all legal and tax obligations. 

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Key Points


Residence Requirement

The designated local representative must have a legal residence within the country. This ensures their proximity to the business operations and compliance with local regulations.


Legal and Tax Responsibilities

The local representative takes on the important tasks of handling legal and tax duties required by the state. Their role is crucial for following the many rules that businesses in Brazil need to follow.


Non-Ownership of Shares

Even though the local representative is important for making the business run smoothly, they don’t own any part of the company. This makes it clear who has what responsibilities and roles.


Non-Decisional Right

Even though the local representative has important jobs to do, they don’t get to make big decisions for the company. The foreign business entity keeps control of important choices and managing the business.
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