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If you want a visa or need help with taxes, we have solutions for you. We also help with managing accounts and support you with any paperwork problems. Choosing Wide Brazil is the easiest and fastest way to start a company in Brazil.

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Breaking on the Brazilian Market

Starting a company in Brazil can be a difficult and challenging process. We make it easier for your business and help you at every step.


Select a Brazilian Representative

For setting up a foreign business in Brazil, it’s crucial to have a local representative. This person needs to live in the country and follow the legal and tax rules. However, they won’t own shares or make decisions for the company.

We offer a large list of potential candidates for you to find the right local representative. Our fast solutions save you time on individual searches, and you can trust that our candidates are authorized and safe to work with.


Choose an Expert Accountant

Every international company in Brazil needs a certified accountant to handle their taxes and financial responsibilities. At Wide Brazil, we fully manage this aspect for you. We offer complete accounting services, ensuring that all your operations comply with Brazilian laws.


Paperwork Compilation and Translation

Brazilian law says that foreign companies must have a social contract and power of attorney for their local representatives. When starting a new business in Brazil, you also need extra paperwork like providing the name and tax identification number (NIF).

We handle all the paperwork needed to legally set up your company in Brazil. We make sure all the documents are translated well and accepted by the Brazilian authorities.


Company Registration

Starting a new business in Brazil means getting the right documents to operate legally, like the CNPJ and State Register ID. You also need a social contract that outlines how your company will work, its tax plan, and its operations. Lastly, you must choose a location for your company’s headquarters.

At Wide Brazil, we make sure this complex process is as easy as possible. We help you through all the necessary steps to get the paperwork and register your company with minimal effort.


Bank Registration

When your business starts operating in Brazil, you’ll need a bank account in the country. This account keeps track of your company’s economic transactions and comes with a digital signature for secure and easy access.

We provide various resources to help you find the best bank that fits your company’s requirements. Our aim is to make this process quick and convenient for your business.


Register with the Central Bank of Brazil

Once you’ve set up a bank account for your company, you must also register it with the Central Bank of Brazil (BACEN). This necessary step makes your foreign investments legal.

We assist you in registering with the Brazilian banking authorities throughout the entire process. Our goal is to offer simple and fast solutions, ensuring you complete it as quickly as possible.



Depending on your business’s industry and activities, you may need extra licenses. Wide Brazil makes this process easier by providing comprehensive services, allowing your international venture to grow with minimal effort.
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