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Entering the Brazilian market could be an overwhelming challenge if you lack local support. As your business partners, we will ensure that you gain easy access to every resource you require. Wide Brazil will provide you with professional expertise for the three legal prerequisites of expanding a business here:

As requested by law. A Commercial Address Opening a company in Brazil is our main business, but we also offer comprehensive market reports that include consumer trends, competitor activity, and development outlook for numerous industries. By working with us, you do not need to establish a residence in Brazil. You can open or expand your business in this country from abroad. You can rely on our full support at every stage of your operations.

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At Wide Brazil, we take pride in having the reputation of one of the leading business consultants in Brazil. Our expertise in the Brazilian economy recommends us as a leading authority in the industry. Whether you are looking to open a new company in Brazil or expand your business here we qualify as the ideal consulting partner for quick and effective development.

In other words, we provide a wide range of business consultancy services in Brazil for foreign companies in order to open a company in Brazil. In addition offer assistance with market reports, legal paperwork, and industry analysis every step of the way. Working with you is another chance for us to maintain our stellar reputation by completing a successful project. When you choose Wide Brazil, you get a supportive business consultant that aligns their proficiency with your goals and vision.

Set up for the Company register Brazil, get the information and any aid regarding how to open a business in Brazil only here! We offer the best solutions for Registration of Company in Brazil.Set up for the Company register Brazil, get the information and any aid regarding how to open a business in Brazil only here! We offer the best solutions for Registration of Company in Brazil.

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Brazil is considered the most important country in Latin America.

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Registration Of Company In Brazil, Open A Company In Brazil

Company Register Brazil, How To Open A Business In Brazil, Setting Up A Company In Brazil

Setting up a company in Brazil can be challenging, particularly if you are not aware of all the rules and regulations of the country. Companies must consider the difficulty and obscurity of local systems and procedures before accepting the exciting challenge of starting a business in Brazil.

Starting a Business in Brazil – Important Things to consider before getting started

Before you incorporate a business in Brazil, you must understand some vital aspects of the process. A simple example is that in Brazil Branch and Subsidiary are different from each other. Opening a subsidiary is less complicated than opening a branch. According to the law of Brazil, any foreign company can be a partner, investor, or shareholder in a Brazilian company, making the Brazilian company a subsidiary of the foreign entity. The Brazilian business will then completely be governed by law and have the same rights as well as liabilities as any other company.

On the other hand, opening a branch in Brazil is quite complicated and needs authorization from the Brazil Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade. You must know the dissimilarities between those two and decide which model works best for you while Company formation Brazil.

Registration of Company in Brazil

Another thing to think about is company ownership in Brazil. To start a limited liability company in Brazil you must have at least one share holder. Additionally, it is vital to consider that foreign shareholders must be represented by a Brazilian resident or a person with a full visa.

There are no official investment needs to incorporate a new company, other than the registration of the investment before the Brazilian Central Bank. There is, however, a speculation needed for the permanent Brazilian investor visa.

How To Open a Business in Brazil? – 3 Must Follow Steps

Due industry to make sure preparedness

You must first collect all the vital information required by Brazilian authorities throughout the procedure. A lot of things need to be considered to start a company:

  • the type of entity
  • the number of shareholders
  • the minimum capital
  • the required documentation

It is vital to make sure everything is clear, so the remainder of the procedure will run flawlessly and smoothly.

Grant power of lawyer to your local lawful representative

It is vital that the shareholders of the company grant a power of attorney (POA) to their legal representative in the state before forming a company in Brazil. This step is important to make sure the legal representative can go through the entire procedure on the shareholder’s behalf without any issue.

Register the articles of incorporation

Your POA should collect all the vital information to incorporate the company and submit the needed documents – called as the articles of incorporation – to the Trade Board. The articles of incorporation encompass the name of the entity, address of the business, shareholders, capital, activity, company name, and administrator of the business. The cost allied with these submissions will vary depending on which state the company will base itself.

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