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The Brazilian economy generates 45% of the GDP of Latin America and is the fifth largest consumer market in the world. Our thriving economy makes your decision to enter the Brazilian market a sound commercial investment; and we at Wide Brazil are here to help you do just that. Wide Brazil is known for the efficiency with which we will guide your entry into the Brazilian market with an emphasis on introducing you to the cultural and legal challenges; foreign investors often face while transitioning into the Brazilian market. Entering a new market, especially that of Brazil, may seem easy and it surely is; if you know the right path. The local bureaucracy, work culture, buying and selling habits and commercial ethics are some of the obstacles that can delay the take off of your business and can even endanger your project; if the Brazilian way of commerce is alien to you. At Wide Brazil; we are known as one of the leading business consultants in Brazil based on our ability to help your business overcome the challenges of our local economy and even taken advantage of the Brazilian market structure. Whether it’s the transitioning of your business into the Brazilian market, the creation of a company from scratch or intermediation with a local client; Wide Brazil provides a wide range of business consultancy services in Brazil for foreign companies. We make your goals and vision for the Brazilian market our personal objective; in keeping with our reputation as the premier foreign business consultants in Brazil.


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