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Wide Brazil stands for excellence in business consulting services. We are a team of professional experts with multi-market knowledge and proficiency in commercial, legal, and accounting services.

Our goal is to support foreign companies that want to access the ever-expanding Brazilian economy. We have the necessary expertise to help your business thrive regardless of the sector that you choose to enter.

Brazil is the 5th largest consumer market in the world with excellent growth prospects in the coming years. The country offers countless economic opportunities for foreign investors. We are here to ease your expansion in the Brazilian industry and to help your business play a significant part in our national success story.

Our team of experts has a long history of working with global corporations and international organizations. We have all the necessary resources to help you overcome bureaucratic issues, as well as cultural and commercial differences.

When you work with us, you gain access to a broad network of professional suppliers and partners. Their experience and know-how are at your disposal to facilitate a quick and successful entry on the Brazilian market of your choice.

We already play an active role on a local scale for the progression in Brazil of large global organizations such as Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, Bayer, P&G, and many others.

The Wide Brazil team has gained substantial knowledge from the experience of working with these business giants. We now can create highly complex projects with an emphasis on 100% customization for our clients.

We provide original concepts and solutions, bespoke to fit the precise needs of your business. In this regard, we provide you with cost-beneficial strategies tailored to your project and conceived to help you get the best possible results.

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Our Mission

Wide Brazil - A Gateway for Foreign Investors

At Wide Brazil, we take great pride in creating sustainable business projects for foreign investors that want to enter the Brazilian market. Our mission is to make this expansion as quick and seamless as possible.

Brazil has unparalleled potential to operate globally and to generate wealth for partner countries. The country’s economic ambitions have a direct impact on local communities by creating more jobs and raising living standards.

The Wide Brazil team is honored and motivated to take part in this promising exchange process. We believe in the positive consequences of globalization and its impact on both the Brazilian economy and its partner markets.

Brazil has significant resources in various sectors including mining, agriculture, energy, technology, and services. However, the country’s most prized possession is its human capital. One of our goals is to also help you access the best Brazilian professionals regardless of your industry of choice. We provide a substantial database of experts with multi-lingual proficiency and multi-cultural management skills.

Even if Brazil is a powerhouse of the world economy, its markets are far from saturation levels. This is partly because some foreign investors may find it difficult to overcome language, cultural and bureaucratic barriers.

Here, is where Wide Brazil steps in and clears the air. We offer complete and bespoke services for any foreign business that wants to open or expand in Brazil. Through our expertise, we provide easy, seamless solutions that will pave the path to success for your company.

We aim to be the main gateway for profitable foreign business expansions in Brazil!

What Makes
Us Stand Out

100% Customization for Maximum Efficiency

Brazil is considered the most commercially viable state in Latin America representing 45% of its economy. The country has a great competitive advantage over its neighbors through its youth demographic, which represents 68% of its population.

Wide Brazil makes sure that you gain access to this immense pool of upcoming, talented workers. Through our extensive recruitment network, we ensure that you reach those highly-skilled locals who will help your business expand and flourish in Brazil.

Our experience in the business market together with the hundreds of successful projects that we have completed recommend Wide Brazil as one of the most reliable business consultancy firms in the country.

However, our greatest strength lies in our in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Brazilian market. Regardless of the industry of your choice, we can help you with:

Seizing highly profitable business opportunities

Reaching customers from your demographic target

Collaborating with the best suppliers

Finding the most convenient prices for your business

Employing proficient experts from various sectors of work

Establishing a powerful business presence in Brazil

Our knowledge of the local market facilitates quick business expansions. We bring proficiency and flexibility in growing ventures for foreign investors in a seamless transition process.

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